Woolpit Steam

Photo Gallery 2

Pictures from the 2003 Rally

A fine example of a 1921 Walsh and Clark 'Victoria' 45hp. Paraffin Ploughing Engine. One of a pair exhibited by the Museum of East Anglian Rural Life, Stowmarket.
Many of the engines lined up in the main ring early on Sunday morning.
'Endeavor' a10 ton Single cylinder Ruston & Hornsby road roller built 1924, No 122338. The engine steamed by road the 10 miles to the rally.
Many 'stationary' engines feature at this show. Here we see an Amanco 2 '/4 hp Hit and Miss petrol model.
Mark Groom, the winner of the 'slow race' with Princess, a Burrell engine, receiving the trophy from the co-organiser, Gerald Seeley.
Next a 'Lamp start' Blackstone 5 hp. Built 1909.
Another vintage car, a Rolls Royce, 25-30 OHC built 1936.
The oldest car on display was this Ford Model T, built 1917.
Many vintage motor cycles all neatly lined up.
The Downs Family came along with their amusements including the 'Savage' steam driven galloping horses built 1896.
The Long Sutton Vintage bicycle people put on
a fine display of interesting old cycles including
'Penny Farthings'.
Fire, Fire!! A selection of fire appliances lined up and ready to go.
Looking further down the row, A Saunderson model G, 2 Molines, models B and D, and 3 Internationals, one a Mogul 8 - 16 and the other 2 Titans.
A Hart Parr 12 - 24, 2 Saundersons, model G and a Moline model B make up part of the veteran tractor display.
The two 1918 Titans in detail, one restored and
running and the other under restoration,
A busy scene with the 'Auto jumble' stalls and the vintage cars.
A well-restored 1952 Allis 'B' with a Tumbrel
wagon in tow.
Army vehicles encamped under the trees; centre of the picture is a Morris Quad Gun tractor built 1940.
'Tin Tin', Scammell Pioneer Heavy Gun tractor 1939 which also brought its owners caterpillar D7 to the show on a large Low Loader, a job the vehicle still does regularly.
A 1944, 750cc military Harley Davidson stands next to the 'Soup Kitchen' in case quick action is needed, rifle to the ready.